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“The essence of Interior design is about people and how they live”

Defining interior design

"An idea put into process becomes design"

You may have heard about many kinds of design, but what specifically is interior design?

In the simplest words, it is the language of ideas expressed creatively with logic. Interior design means not just decoration, it's the user experience and emotional attachment regarded with a space that improves quality of life.

"Interior design turns structure into memories,

Prosperity is when walls narrate glories"


Design breakthrough

• Approach

• Concept

• Culture

• Impression

• Climatic considerations

• Visual and narrative experience

• Creations

• Volume

• Texture

• Colour palatte

• Perception and presentation

• Materials

Dive into Details:

Designing to me is what poem is to a poet. To me, design is a poetry, that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities to evoke meaning in a living environment.

Designing works as the amplifier to the music of any construction. It is the fusion of space and materials creating visuals. Every element is the depiction of one's mind that reflects in his behaviour and desires. Today, need of people is the effective and efficient use of limited space within a specified budget. Here comes the role of an interior designer. Designing a healthy and functional space with pleasing environment for the user is what every designer strives to achieve.

Overall, Interior design revolves around the drama created with play of materials, colours, fabrics, furnishings and every minute details. Interior design should not be defined with its characteristics since it itself is a character. Just as the family adds life to your living, a pleasing interior adds to a good living experience. That is a minimal definite explanation to what interior design actually means.

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